MYBIKELAW is now Bike Law... and it has grown... Bike Law is going nation wide... we have Bike Law representatives in Maryland... what about DC and Virginia?

legal representation for cyclists by cyclists
legal representative that understands your cycling perspectives and your cycling position
this is not a commercial
this is a PSA

if you have a bicycle related legal case
you need a bicycle specific lawyer

DC had Ed Kearny... Ed has since passed
who knows of a good lawyer with the bicyclist's perspective in the DMV
share their contact information
have them become part of the Bike Law Network

I would love to have a lawyer that I knew was approved by my peers as someone who could represent me and my perspective with skill beyond competence 

Bike Law is setting that standard

some reference to MyBikeLaw on the Gwadzilla page

cleanest tire in the tour...

Go Russell Go!

Bobsled Drive... my memory is faint... it looks like they leveled all the houses on this road and put in new ones... I think we lived at the top on the right hand side of the road

me and my brother
that is me on the viewer left
the little one with an attitude

we lived outside of Boston on Bobsled Drive

there are "drive thru" businesses... how about "bike up" businesses?

Food Trucks
does your town have "food trucks?"

when the food truck is vacant "bike up" works
but if there were a long queue?
locking the bike works better
the same for the ATM

Summertime... swimming in the local watering hole is a ride of passage

Dan throwing a stick for his dog Didg 
I threw a stick for my dog Charlie in this same spot when I was roughly the same age

Gold Mine Loop
a glance at this map aids my understanding of the trails
early into our adventure I realized I had taken a left when I should have taken a right
but accepted that "the journey is the destination"

the boys all gave me some resistance on the Billy Goat option
so we settled for the Gold Mine loop

it is the last week of summer vacation before school
the boys are not signed up for camp
I signed on to entertain the boys for this last week
took the week off work to spend the week with the boys

it has been a heavily scheduled summer with all the camps
the boys really want some "down time"

I can grant them a certain degree of down time
but really
down time is screen time
and there needs to be some sort of measure as to how much screen time I can allow

I have memories of meeting Brook Shields while we each were riding our bikes on the Gold Mine Loop
it was kinda cool... she was not far of from her prime
she was definitely more attractive than your average person

I understand that there are certain rules
but there are other rules in life as well
be safe... be smart... be respectful
love and life life

Didg had a good time for sure

bikes at night in Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights...
people may complain about "gentrification"
well... it is change, it is progress, it is capitalism
less crime, economic development, improvement in local services


hard for someone to complain and say that things were better as they were
fewer boarded up buildings
more residences and more businesses
more jobs
better schools

Columbia Heights is nearly unrecognizable from its state of 20 years ago

Metro train stop
multiple water parks with families gathered

the city once had grocery stores and corner stores
we needed the box stores and their low dollar options
previously we would leave the city to get toilet paper and other necessities
now... now we can purchase this stuff local

shopping for jewelry... her... not me

out front the Tiny Jewelry Box

Shelton Woods Court... off Rock Bridge Road... down the road from Rock Bridge Elementary School in Stone Mountain Georgia

on the porch with my mother, brother, and sister
at our home in Stone Mountain Georgia
clearly a few years ago
now we each have children of our own older than we are in this photo

fun with Google Maps...
took a stroll down memory lane
I lived on this street when I was in kindergarten and first grade

Shelton Woods Court

my sister Marya and her American Box Turtle

DC bicycle messenger... BRUCE!

Bruce is a long time DC Bicycle Messenger
although he is fast
it is efficiency that wins the game
any wanna be messenger\alley cat racer could learn a great deal from Bruce

set the pace and win the race

Bruce is not taking any unnecessary chances
Bruce is not "buzzing the tower"
Bruce is not... okay... I do not know what Bruce is not doing
but Bruce is not acting like an asshole
too many cyclists ride like assholes

I am trying to ride less like an asshole

Warriors... come out and play... Warriors... come out and play

NYC Alleycat this Weekend
The Warriors
a team even in New York City

should be a party
keep the rubber side down
ride smart... ride safe
understand that you are a stranger in a strange town

lots of DC types heading up
good luck to all of them

Bikes at Burning Man?!???! of course.... bike rental at Burning Man?

yes... bike rental at Burning Man

I have never been to burning man
but some time ago I used to attend Bread and Puppet

my Bread and Puppet experience was pre-kids
these shots are of the Bread and Puppet bus on tour
I think they were crashing at the Lamont Collective

the boys are bigger now
my beard is longer


skateboarding is not a crime... but this is

skateboarder attacks park ranger after being told that skateboarding is not permitted in Love Park

bike crash on Beach Drive

this is local
this is loco
accidents happen
but the rider did not stop?
come on

lots of words about this over the InterWebs
the comments are never gentle
yes... he caused this accident
no...  he did not stop

hard to believe that no one in the DC Cycling Community does not recognize this man

A BikeShare Bike rolls past the WABA Offices...

Washington Area Bicyclist Association

working for better biking in Washington DC
and the "DMV" as a whole

then... monitor their efforts
and become part of the conversation
let your voice be heard... let them know your cycling needs

Shelly D.

Shelly D. 
long time no see
are you still living in MtP?

City BIkes had free lockless Bike Valet at the August Bike Party... and New Belgium had Bike Party specific activities in the club...

DCBP Ends at a bar I had never been to before just on the edge of Chinatown...
New Belgium was a sponsor of the event with raffles and DC Bike Party trucker hats and cozy's for sale inside... I think some people would do well to get themselves a cozy

Saul and Ian of City Bikes provided FREE Bike Valet
Free Bike Parking!
No Locks Needed!
I appreciate it!

City Bikes and Bike Valet

thanks Ian, Saul, and City Bikes!

Dave in Mount Pleasant...

Dave in Mount Pleasant
love his style
it has been a mellow summer
unseasonably cool

but Dave would be cool either way

Robin Williams...

Mork has returned to Ork
Mork signing off...



I am not sure of the DC Bike Party's official stance on corking
What is corking?

in the culture of "social rides" there is a concept called "corking"

Corking as defined by the Critical Mass culture

Corking works to help keep the group of cyclists together
sure some cars get agitated
but for the most part... I think the cars are excited... or at least curious
it can get scary if someone gets aggressive behind the wheel
but for the most part people accept that they have to wait a light cycle or two

it really is more fun if the party rolls together

I think that corking should be permitted
for a police officer to ticket someone for corking is absurd as the police ticketing someone for stopping traffic so that their moving van can back out an alley or loading dock
they are not obstructing traffic
they are doing what is best in facilitating flow and keeping things safe

these photos and more from the August DC Bike Party

Trek Fuel... that bike was something in its day

Trek Fuel climbing Park Road 
Mount Pleasant's historic buildings
the Trek Fuel is a historic bike
wonder what year that bike is
this year is 2014

the shot... had to make a choice between two cyclists...

to my right another cyclist waits for the light to turn green
solid track stand
but behind the guy doing the track stand is a white van
I decided to let this guy roll up so that I could get the shot with the Chinatown Arch in the background

looks like he may be making a food delivery

48 Miles... riding with someone older than 13! Not a bad day on the bike... the same ride made different just by doing it twice

Gwadzilla on Strava
Sunday road ride in Rock Creek Park with Graham

nice effort on the bike
to beyond my usual distance
to maintain pace
to finish strong
it felt good

searching the Gwadzilla page for Graham brings up photos of Graham and Heather Graham
Happy Heather Graham Appreciation Day!
Everyday is Heather Graham Appreciation Day!

spoiler alert... Best Supporting Actor!

Groot as Groot!
but no... it gets better
Vin Diesel is Groot


I thought Groot was Groot
as far as I was concerned
Groot was Groot

but no... Vin Diesel is Groot

Congratulations on the Oscar!

Jefferson Memorial... the Memorial that is just slightly off the beaten path... just off the bike path

a shot before we approach the Jefferson Memorial
then I get ready to snap the shot of rider and monument 

I am not sure if anyone has ever clicked on a link to an Gwadzilla Archive
but it really does bring up some epic randomness
of course there will be more photos of people on bikes by the Jefferson Memorial
there might be a guy on a BikeShare Bike with a Saddam Hussain mask
then I am almost certain there is a beaver shot

beaver shot is click bait
I would not stoop to click bait
I hate click bait
there is most certainly a beaver shot at the Jefferson Memorial

some rants... 
some history...

yes... fantastic randomness when I scan the Gwadzilla page for mention of Jefferson


I need to approach this from a different direction... an alternate play by play

these photos are from last week
rode today with Dean
this was last weekend when I rode with Dean and Grant
today Dean did over 20 miles with one stop
last weekend we did over 27 miles with multiple stops

grant dodged the ride today
so dean and dad got some one on one time

today when riding we had an incident... actually... we had a series of incidents

on Park Road not even a mile from our house just minute on our bikes we are moving along
at the base of the hill where Park Road turns into Tilden by Pierce Mill
the light is red so we stop
we are side by side and going straight

the road narrows to a tight two lanes
there are stone walls on each side
there would be not enough room for a car to take a bicycle
so rather than risk having an aggressive car driver try to pass without enough space

I make the decision for them