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The Garden and The Farm at the Biltmore Estate... NO PHOTOS IN THE BILTMORE (yes, I snapped a few, but nothing spectacular)

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville North Carolina

Dean and Grant at the Biltmore

yes, Dean and Grant at the Biltmore... this is the side
the front shows a wider more expansive estate
here the boys are leaning back into the wind
somehow... the weekend weather was perfect for mountain biking and jumping in a lake

yet somehow winter blew in
winter refused to leave
the east coast is suffering from an unseasonably cold
DC is effected Asheville has been affected as well

we do not have the gear
and there is not much need for our sun screen, bathing suits, and beach towels
so... we did the standard tourist stuff

The Biltmore Estate
amazing... but a bit of a tourist magnet
for the obvious reason
they run it smoothly

with a swipe of the credit card there is some much to do
we went for the minimum
no add ons
just the basic tour

the tour of the estate was not entirely what I expected
I am not sure what I expected
it was exactly what I should have expected
what else could it have been?

in short... the tour may not be on your average 10 or 12 year old's bucket list

but there is more to the basic package than just the estate
there is also the gardens on the property, a winery, and a farm
the tour is somewhat similar to other historic tours
maybe like a trip to Mount Vernon
only larger scale with more people

the Biltmore Estate sits on a large swath of earth

the gardens were far less crowded
the Biltmore Estate tour is a maze of velvet rope where people slowly shuffle their way through
the majority of the people were on a tour or a self guided audio tour
we moved through a little more quickly

I must admit... I am not a fan of the cattle call
hate that feeling of being lead to slaughter

but... it was still interesting and cool
next time I think that it would make more sense and take a guided tour
maybe the architect's tour
something to get us away from the masses

in addition to the Biltmore Estate proper there is a farm and the gardens
these areas were less crowded and more enjoyable

I would love to attend a cocktail party at the Biltmore
but just shuffling through the maze?
not my thing
the rain and the cold gave us the garden tour pretty much to ourselves
even the petting zoo at the farm was sparse
we chanced on fitting our visit in between two large tour groups

the boys fought me on so much of this
they were ready to leave after the Estate proper
but I forced them to the garden... which they enjoyed along with Grant's requisite complaint
and they enjoyed the farm
which I had to take them against their will

the Rooster was a big attraction with the boys
each the boys wanted to hold a chicken
the hens ran away
and this guy puffed up and intimidated the boys

but petting the rooster was satisfying
keep your cock jokes to yourself
and holding the baby goat was also fun for the boys

all in all
it was a good day

ROAD TRIP 2014: Boys, Bikes, and Dog in Asheville North Carolina

today is Tuesday... 
it is the morning... 
it rained all night... not sure what to do with the day

debating on a quick tour of the Biltmore Estate

makes more sense than having the boys on their computers playing TF2
Biltmore Estates


so far so good
the departure was stressful as the departure to any trip can be 
well... can be if you are me
so often I script my own misery 
so often my life is a self imposed comedy of errors

our plans to leave were delayed by Dean's soccer game
Dean is on a new team and trying to assert his commitment
this late Saturday start had me more relaxed about packing than I should have been
I dragged my ass around the house all morning
only to get frustrated unable to find my car keys once the car was packed

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Lance fixing a flat?

Lance Armstrong fixing a flat?
not sure of the reason for this video... or why Lance would agree to it
maybe you can explain

So is Outside Magazine saying mechanics are at the bottom of the bike industry food chain? Never opening this magazine again.
Have to say we never saw this coming. Looks like Lance has sunk to new lows — or actually has a sense of humor.

Wayback Wednesday... me... a younger me...

I can remember this day...
working at CBS News
Paul Cable was still a motorcycle messenger... not yet a camera man
I was also a motorcycle messenger... not yet the IT Help Desk... 

had to move Gabe Romero's crew vehicle
there was a point and shoot film camera in the glove box
so we snapped a few shots
all just for fun

dam I was skinny.

Butterfly not dealing so we with wintery mix on Spring Break

Stopped by to say hey to Bobby Sullivan...

Stopped by the French Broad Food Coop to say hey to Bobby Sullivan
been a long time since I had seen Bobby Face to Face
not much change
still fashionable... still handsome

Great Catching Up With Bobby
talked about the Soulside Show and the release of the Salad Days documentary

Salad Days: The DC Punk Revolution Documentary

and of course... two of Bobby's projects on Dischord Records

on a mountain bike trip to Asheville... Haywood is a prominent street in Asheville
Sue Haywood


Acme Pies... Chris Merriam... Baker's Dozen... These are a few of my favorite things!

Putting the Baker in the Leesburg Bakers Dozen
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I was able to stop by the service for Lon in Franklin Park... (Lonnie Robertson Rest in Peace)

post work gathering at Franklin Square for a Celebration of life for Lon Robertson
Lon died earlier this week
apparently he had a heart condition
which is weird for someone who rides a bike everyday and has a mellow approach to life

there is our family... their is our work family
I would be a work family cousin
or something to that effect
my connection with Lon was his existence as a messenger
but I am not a messenger

so... I do not qualify as being part of Lon's work family
hopefully Lon's family appreciated seeing all these people who were Lon's work family and long time friends

good gathering
good opportunity for people to congregate and celebrate Lon's life
and to put things in perspective
Lon was always good at putting things in perspective
shuffling things and remembering what is most important

that poster\card is a nice touch
glad I got to see it and sign it

good catching up with some people I do not see as much as I used to

Lon was a photographer
Lon was always good about indulging my craft

photos and mentions of Lon and Lonnie

funny... perhaps true...

Women in Stock Photographs do not know how to ride bicycles

ah... what is the status on Chris Soda?

Chris Soda

ah... Chris... how is my buddy Chris?
a reluctant friend
the Gwadzilla Number One sign like all jokes always carried some truth

Chris was not sure of me at the start
eventually we became friends
but like many a messenger
there can be an urban edge
a shell of protectiveness

eventually I broke that shell and got past that edge
Chris and I became friends

Chris Soda is a complicated character
he is driven
he is a slacker
so much yin and yang going on with that guy

Chris can be obnoxious and off color
while Chris can also be kind, considerate, and helpful

heal up my brother
I am praying that this black cloud that is hovering over you finally blows away
you have been through so much
there is much more for you to do

heal up... thinking of you as I think of our mutual friend Lon

is it true that you had an account with the hot dog stand at Connecticut and L Street?

Going to try and get to Franklin Park around 6PM today...

Lon is no longer of this earth
for that... I am sad

Lon I am glad we had the conversations we had... sorry that you are not around so that we could continue this relationship
you had much wisdom to share

and to think... I never got to see any of your photographs