Reggie Watts and my Selfie Reflection in his Sunglasses...

Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts performed at the 2014 New Belgium Tour de Fat in Washington DC
Rocking Good Time!

I disagree... a car is closer to being a weapon than a bicycle...

California Courts CLAIM that Reckless Bike Riding No Different than Reckless Car Driving

I disagree... I fully disagree...
not to say that a cyclist has a right to injure others without penalty
I would have to say that the "worst case scenario" for the bicycle accident and the car accident are entirely dissimilar

that is not to say that the cyclist should not receive penalties
but drunk biking is very different than drunk driving
running a stop sign on bicycle is different than running a stop sign in a car

do I need to go through a long list of "tit for tat?"
I think not

we all understand that the car driver puts people at risk with their sloppy driving
while cyclists tend to put themselves at risk if they ride sloppily 

there need to be different laws for bicycles than cars
as they are not the same

I do not know who Courtney Stodden is

I hate when cyclists put me at risk
when I am a pedestrian or a cyclist
I hate to have a near miss with a person on the bike
it gives me no pleasure to be buzzed by a bicycle when I am on the sidewalk

that said...
I am annoyed by this behavior of those reckless cyclists
but really

the average car driver and their inconsiderate driving methods enrage me

being buzzed by a car does more than "spook me"
when a car buzzes me on the bike or as a pedestrian... they put my life at risk

I am going to UNSUBSCRIBE to some email lists... getting tired of wading through and hitting DELETE

I had SPAM
and don't tell me that my BLOG is SPAM!
sure... my emails or my FACEBOOK posts trying to get you to read my blog may be repetitious and redundant
but I am just trying to share information and inspiration

for some reason I believe that my content on my blog would interest you

RIP Matt Stackswell (Brenner)... a piece on the web about Matt and his music

Matt at the Presidential Inaugural Alleycatt Race a few years back...
I knew Matt from the bike... but I was aware of his involvement in music
there are often many sides to the bicycle messenger
RIP Matt... I am certain you will be missed by many

RIP Matt Stackswell (Brenner)

some info on the accident and his death

and a page if you want to donated\comment\share condolences

Matt was a good dude... our encounters were always chance and positive
most everyone of our meetings was on the bike
I would see Matt downtown as he was doing his messenger thing
I would see Matt in his cycling kit on the roads in Rock Creek Park

I always looked forward to catching up with Matt and his positive attitude
we did some hammering in the park... exchanged numbers to ride
but our meetings still remained chance
shortly after we exchanged numbers I sent a text to see if Matt wanted meet up for a spin in Rock Creek Park

Matt had just moved up to NYC

sad chain of events...
my heart goes out to any and all who were close to Matt
may one day his friends and family find peace with their loss

Ride in Peace Matt Stackswell Brenner

BOLLOCKS!.... Cyclist films as he rides... captures collision with car on tape

Watch this Video


Before and After... Grant on the Boggie Board

not the most "surf-able" waves at the beach
but there are waves
and they are catching them

that old woman in front of the White House... Concepcion Picciotto or Connie (so says the Wiki Page)

that old woman who lives across the street from the white house

she has been on the page before
on the bike and off the bike
along with her neighbor
Elijah the Nature Boy

texting at the light... better than texting while pedaling... just be ready for the Christmas Tree

Skateboarding is not a Crime

randomness on the notion of skateboarding

skateboarding on Penn Ave... right down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue

missed the passing bike... missed the shot


roadie nose picker photo bomb

this was a cute and dangerous scenario...

cool cluster of kids on the capital crescent trail 
not sure where they are going
where they came from 
or how long they are traveling for 

no matter... it was a cool suburban summer scene

so these kids of various pre teen ages were rolling on the capital crescent trail
this one girl in the lead sprints off ahead
dismounts her scooter and then runs to the back of the pack to stop the last kid in the bicycle train
apparently she knows how to pedal but does not know how to break

it was a serious little rascals\fat albert and the gang moment

people on bikes on 18th Street in Adams Morgan

Shawn and Chris at Tattoo Paradise in Adams Morgan

Shawn Brown

tattoo paradise in washington dc

Rules... maybe too many rules... maybe some rules that do not apply to me as I am not really a roadie

Road Rider Rules


they both went to B-CC and they have both been on the Gwadzilla blog before... Chip and Dudley

Chip on 16th Street crossing K Street

Dudley somewhere on the Capital Crescent Trail

Dudley and Chip on the Gwadzilla Page
search it... there must be some randomness
if not just some good shots 

you know... just another Sunday night

DC is an International town
all sorts of stuff going on around town every day
this was a Sunday or two ago

no vacation to the west... but I think I should be able to do some mountain biking with the boys starting in a few weeks...

epic tangents

just wondering... why would these games with these names be so popular with the vanilla male tailgating crowd?

why is it that Corn Hole and Kan Jam are so popular with these crowds?
these do not sound like games that they would be playing

IMBA WORLD SUMMIT... I am not going

Just wanted to check-in with all the mountain bike NPOs on the Tour de Fat tour: anyone headed to Steamboat for the Summit?


Shawn Brown has a Wiki Page!


Shawn Brown has a Wiki Page

but really
there is more information about Shawn on the Gwadzilla blog

and this
we worked at Big Wheel Bikes together
at two different locations
two different spaces in time
Eastern Market being the better experience of the two


caught up with Shawn last night at Tattoo Paradise

Tattoo Paradise DC

those photos...
Shawn and Jason of Red Hare
Sean stuck between Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber bookends
Shawn with Brian Baker at the Dag Nasty Reunion Show a few years back