hindsight is 20-20... especially when you have a chance to look at a map... I may have mixed some good routes with the worst possible routes in this weekend past Tour de DC Summer Alleycat

the above shot is from the night of the Chris Soda Memorial Ride
Kevin introduced John Dinn and myself to the Francis Case Memorial Bridge
I should have used that expert messenger secret in this weekend past's alleycat 

but no... blood was going to my legs and my lungs
not enough oxygen to my brain to make the right decision

Chris Soda on the Gwadzilla Page
the rise and fall of Chris Soda is a tragic tale
his last years unfolded with more tragic and heart ache than anyone should experience in a lifetime

it is true... hindsight is 20\20
after a glance at a map I see that my Maine Avenue option to get from Hains Point to the skatepark at RFK may have been a little less than direct

as it turns out
the Francis Case Memorial Bridge from Hains to Le Faunt to Independence would have been a better route

on this day I opted for a number of routes that offered less traffic and less stop and go
but these routes may have not been the best selection
lucky for me I took the lead group with me on the trip from Hains to RFK
but really... I should have let them go their way and taken the Kevin Kieff route of Francis Case Memorial Bridge 

Morgan rides through the metal detector

but no... a glance at a map shows that Maine Avenue took us on a gradual push away from RFK
my mental map was not what it should have been
the riders in my group were not proposing better
I thought it best to ride with them then risk falling behind not by riding slower but by choosing an inefficient route
in the end... I stayed close by dragging them down my less than direct route

it is trued that the Southwest Freeway may have been the most direct route
but... the risk to reward ratio had me staying off the highway
Morgan took I-395... I think a few others may have taken the Interstate
to me... there was no consideration
also... there was skitching
skitching is when a person grabs onto a car\truck\whatever and gets pulled along

again... I weigh the risk to reward ratio
I view skitching like running red lights
it is a skill... it is an option... it is fair game
I may run red lights... not blowing through them... but flowing through them
but skitching and Interstate riding? 
no thanks

shamefully I used the Maine Avenue not once... BUT TWICE
later in the game headed from Georgetown to Yards Park I gave up a number of slots by taking the long way instead of the short way
ah... me and my bike path options

my thought of keeping pace instead of fighting traffic cost me a number of spaces
but not entirely
I guess it would be cool to have some actual data on this
because I left Blues Alley as Matt and Dave arrived
both Matt and Dave just beat me to Yards Park
but... I wasted some valuable time looping the stadium trying to find the "tables and chairs by the water at Yards Park"
again... my error... my costly error
lesson learned

but really... without a stop watch... we don't know how long it took me or them to get from Point A to Point B
but there is Strava
but I am not sure if I can get the data I need from this 

great shots of the Awakening at Hains Point

did anyone every locate the cyclist that caused this crash on Beach Drive... it was a cyclist's version of hit and run...

a week or two back there was a crash caught on video on Beach Drive in the DC Metropolitan area...

has there been any progress in locating the rider that caused the crash?

watch the video

causing the crash is one thing... fleeing the scene is another
the decent thing to do would be to stop and lend assistance even if you did not believe yourself to be at fault

I hope everyone involved in the crash is on the mend

be careful out there... be respectful of other's use of space

thinking of John Dinn...

I woke this Labor Day morning with a heart full of anxiety
the issues of my day to day compounded with the health status of a friend

this weekend at the Tour de DC Summer Alleycat John Dinn was not feeling well and dropped out early
the details are not entirely known
but apparently John had a heart attack and is in ICU

bike and cell phone are missing
a good Samaritan administered CPR until the ambulance came 

John's wife Kim posted an update this morning
things are optimistic
but... still quite serious
Kim shared this link to explain the treatment that John is going through

Be Strong John
I know you are strong John
but... yet I repeat
Be Strong John

Send John some love on FACEBOOK... even if you do not know him

clothing for women is so much more fun...

Black Milk Clothing

a glance at their page and there is some very fun stuff
not everything is this unusual
but this is pretty darn cool
I like it... I like it a lot

Black Milk Clothing 

James and his Cargo Bike... Cargo Bikes are part of the messenger culture... my guess... if there was a company with a fleet of these there would be more cargo messenger work


DJ Fathom is a running a bicycle sales and repairs business...

Dave aka DJ Fathom at the Tour de DC Summer Alleycat
well... the shot above is after the Tour de DC Summer Alleycat

at Dave's Ride to Remember Robin Williams a few weeks back I talked with Dave about his bicycle sales and repairs business 

Fathom Custom Rides on FACEBOOK
and a proper web page

dave rides\races\fixes bikes\and hosts events
social rides and informal races

Dave may be too vague...
Fathom brings up a few good shots


flip flops... when getting on a bicycle... I do not recommend flip flops... even at the beach

just watched RUMBLE FISH with my older son... my younger son was given "watch for ten minutes" and left at ten minutes and one second

Rumble Fish Trailer

beautifully filmed movie 

The shawarma guy was right in his simple and profound mantra

In life we need to accept, don't ask why, and move on 

and I joked with John as he pulled up at Thomas Circle for the Alleycat... I joked that we were the two oldest people racing... that is something that we need to keep in our minds when we test our limits...

John Dinn... a gentle giant... a man among men
I have not known John Dinn long... but when I met him... he invited me in to become his friend
always kind... always considerate... always caring
John is a good dude... a stand up dude

send John a positive thought on FACEBOOK

I do not know the details... but apparently John Dinn had a heart attack yesterday
during yesterday's Tour de DC Summer Alleycat John was not feeling well and dropped out of the race
at the finish I noticed he was gone
no one gave it much thought

not seeing John I turned to Morgan and had Morgan call him
simultaneously I turned to Alex to have him call him
each of them called\texted with no response

now we know why... I just figured he bailed
which he did... then today I see a message that John's bike is missing
so I check John's Facebook page
there I see a message from John wife Kim on Facebook telling people about the heart attack and his current situation

apparently John is in ICU... which to me sound serious
so... send good thoughts and prayers to a good person

John... you and your family are in my thoughts
take care
I look forward to seeing you back on the bike ASAP!

photos and words involving John Dinn on the Gwadzilla blog

Headed to Check Point Two: Hains Point to Madoff Skate Park at RFK... then from there... 10th and U Street....

I rolled through Check Point One in pretty good position
pedaling out the backside of Hains Point I slugged down the liquid in my water bottle... Gator-Rage: Gatorade and Red Bull
then I hit record on Strava and snapped a few shots

did not take many photos
having broken my elbow doing this photo of a cyclist while riding my bike thing has being being a little more cautious

riding at race pace and doing the camera thing is a dangerous dance
so after these shots I did not take any more photos until the alleycat was done

rolling out of Check Point One at Hains Point I tried to get a mental image of the best route to RFK
there was some mumbling about taking the highway
but for me... I-395 is not worth the risk
so I looked for alternates

there was a little consideration for Francis Case Memorial Bridge
but it seemed risky
if the bridge route were not faster than the Maine Avenue route
then I would set myself further back behind the fast legs

early on I got a sense that I did not match up well with the kids on their fixed gears
yet... I rode in their pack and worked with them
perhaps a tactical error

we rode together on Maine Avenue
traffic was pretty sparse
when the lights were not in our favor it was pretty free and easy

there was some discussion as we moved on our best route
I suggested 8th Street by Barracks Row
there was agreement
but there was this issue about intensity and pace

before 8th Street I ducked down 7th
I could not maintain their intensity
and while 8th was an obvious choice
I felt that 7th would offer fewer variables

down 7th Street then a right hand turn on E Street
from a block away I saw the boys on track bikes passed in front of me on 8th Street 
then on Penn Avenue I was once again ahead of the pack
but in seconds they were on my wheel ripping off my route

they were riding blind
I was open with where I was headed
they were going to follow me
best to reduce risk of bike on bike collision I voiced my next move

it was some zigging and zagging
but it was a decent enough path to the skate park

we all got into line and got our manifest stamped
as we collected ourselves and pointed to our next destination I heard Brian say something to the effect, "alright 14th and Upshur"
to which my need to correct people when they are wrong... I told Brian, "no... 10th and U Street"

it would have been to my advantage not to correct Brian... but to let him go on his way
sure he could have sorted it out... it was nice and all
but tactically not to my advantage
again I found myself trying to match intensity with riders of a very different style

so I let the faster\fitter\younger riders on fixed gears roll ahead
then Matt and Dave rolled up on me

Matt and Dave rolled up fast then dropped into a steady grove
not as fast as intense as the kids up ahead
in fact I felt that the pace that they were pushing at this moment was slightly off from what I was pushing alone
but it worked for me... nice for me to settle in

I was already getting worried about liquids
plotting pulling off at a corner store
looking for a hot dog vendor
anything that would quench my thirst but not zap up very much time

with Dave and Matt by my side there was some playful camaraderie but I did not feel any team allegiance 
there was talk of trajectory
I figured we would\should just head up Mass Ave through Northeast past Union Station and then on up towards the Convention Center at Mount Vernon Square

at Mount Vernon Square I altered my intentions
in part curious if Dave and Matt would follow
without any reason except for flow
I did some zigging and zagging

Dave and Matt did not follow
I had to overshoot 10th
actually... 10th was one way and I went up 10th
went right past Kevin Dillard's place

but 10th runs dead ends
so I had to do some corrections

I rolled up to the Check Point at 10th and Shaw right behind Matt and Dave
up onto the curb in line to get my manifest signed
those guys stalled in the shade for a minute
while I got back on the bike and took 11th Street up town towards Upshur

I recognize this big gorilla from the DC BIke Party

Skip and Buffy Get Ready... DC Bike Party has their September Theme

DC Bike Party
September theme... Country Club Cruise
meeting september 10th in dupont circle at 7:30 pm
event on Facebook

word on the street... the "bridge spot" is going to be bulldozed

this skate spot is being threatened
the glass... the graffiti 
this stuff puts people off
but really
if my dog is chewing something he should not chew
I do not just take it away from him and reprimand him
I take away what he is not supposed to chew
then I give him something he is permitted to chew

if the city removes this skate spot... they should replace it with something else
I say do not replace it... but embrace it
legitimize it
make it easier for people to keep it clean

trash cans... a tool shed with brooms
and some users of this area to volunteer to keep things respectible

after the tour de dc alleycat a cluster of racers gathered at the bridge spot to catch up
everyone got a chance to tell their tale of the tape

the old school cats say... "yo rookies... where am I at?"

what is SCOTUS?
where is SCOTUS?
how is SCOTUS important to you?

can't break down the acronym?
hint... POTUS

with the declining messenger industry... the new breed finds other delivery options...

Carlos did not participate in the tour de dc summer alleycat
Carlos was "on call" with Postmate

What is Postmate?
Postmate is a delivery business that fetches anything you want in less than an hour
Postmate has been around for nearly a year... it is a business similar to Kozmo of years past


Morgan Rides Faster in Alleycats when he does not pedal to DC from Richmond

Me, Edgar aka the stylish Photo bomber, and Morgan passing the US Capitol Building after the Tour de DC Summer Alleycat

Morgan finished first... six minutes before the next racer... but was unable to find the final check point at Blues Alley in Georgetown... which takes him from the top of the finishers list to the bottom of that same list...
but Morgan still gets bragging rights

Morgan is a bicycle messenger in Richmond Virginia
article on Morgan and his vision
great photo in that article

is that Chimborazza?
I recall racing a cyclocross race in Richmond... that looks like the spot

Morgan's messenger company is called Carbon Free Courier

always good to catch up with Morgan
he is a free spirit with a positive outlook
well... a positive outlook with that messenger edge
although I do not know Morgan well... I do feel a strong connection 

great hanging out... great racing with you
no... I did not have the legs to grab your rear wheel
Zorba's hit the spot!


Matt at the Tour de DC Alleycat...

great randomness when I search the gwadzilla page for matt

Results and Paul got some nice shots...

Results of the Tour de DC Summer Alleycat

with my buddy Morgan finishing first (from out of town) but not getting the signature at the Georgetown check point... everyone moves up one
which means I finished solid in 8th right behind Dave and before him Matt

satisfied with my effort
pleased with my finish