yesterday would have been Dana's birthday...

too many people gone too soon
too many good people gone way too soon

RIP Dana
you lived as you died
with dignity, pride, and beauty
a lesson in life for all of us

ah... Chris Soda... you checked out too soon... sorry that your last few years were so hard...

Chris Soda...
your rise to power was cut short 
broken femur type one diabetes
then the blow to the head
too much for any man

sorry that your life did not last longer
sorry things did not go as planned

your story would make a fantastic movie
sadly... it would not end as we all hope


great action in this video

ranks up there with the Joy Division Playmobile Video


once again we ask... ART OR VANDALISM?

amazing to think that this person thought,,,
oh,., never mind... I am not sure how much thought went into this
you decide on how this should be viewed


in an effort to further confuse people who think I am Jonathan of the Family Bike Shop...

thanks bruce buckely for another great shot!

that is me with Willow...
Jonathan and Sarah's lovely daughter

glad she indulged me
she had fun... but I question... why does the daughter of a bike shop owner not have a lighter bicycle
okay... I am weak

if you are somewhat local to Crofton Maryland... then this should be your bike shop
I am not local at all to FBS... but that is where I take my business

I do not usually go for Groupons... but this one is tempting

I just got a Groupon offer in my email for Thai massage and facial...

Did they proof read this?
Do they know... okay... never mind
maybe not everyone's mind is in the gutter
but really...

too funny... oh too funny


laughing is not an acceptable game face... come on Davis ATTACK!

more photos from the 2014 DCCX as hosted by DCMTB at the AFRH

retired the Frankenbike... no more Bakfiet for Gwadzilla... re-purposing the parts..


and Bakfiet

the Bakfiet was in need of some repair
but instead of fixing this bike
I disassembled it 
taking what I thought I might need and leaving the rest to be scavanged in the alley

the frequency of use had dropped off
the novelty remained
but not the usefulness
fun while it lasted

good by foolishly long bicycle
thanks Adam for helping me create this monster of a bike

Bruce Buckley snapped that great shot of me after we finished tearing down the DCCX cyclocross course at the Armed Forces Retirement Home

Bruce... thanks for this shot
I hope the other shots "with props" came out as well as this one
usually I would not want the camera in the shot
but it really is a great part of the composition

thanks for taking the time out to set up your lights and make these photos happen

Bruce Buckley Photography

Photos from DCCX... DCCX WEEKEND WAS AWESOME... Here are a few photos...


I shot a whole mess of photos
maybe too many early in the day
as it it a tiring task trying to migrate course and set up the shot
then set up somewhere else
my camera equipment is not heavy... but my body is

snapped way too many shots early in the day
not only was I depleted... so was my camera battery
SD Card was fine
but the battery was dead by the time the main event took place at 4PM

more images to come

more photos to come
photos will be dumped onto the Gwadzilla Facebook Page
Gwadzilla on Facebook


Chance meeting with Cargo Mike

At my place of work

DCMTB's cyclocross race in DC is this weekend... it is two days... and DCCX needs volunteers

DCCX has grown to be a two day event
come out to the Armed Forces Retirement Home this weekend for two days of cyclocross action

if you are available and interested in volunteering please contact Raul Rojas rojasrau@gmail.com
your assistance would be greatly appreciated


DCCX lil Belgians course preview... and thanks Eric, Eric, and the Eric's friend for the user of the Caterpillar!

In the Crosshairs has a 2014 DCCX Course Preview

So... Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins walk into the Smithsonian... yes, it sounds like the start of a joke

well, it is not a joke
there is no punch line
yes, Henry and Ian were wandering through the offices of my place of work yesterday
and I got to say hello

I have met Ian enough times that he recognizes me

and Henry... well, this was my first face to face encounter with Henry
which had me sort of focus on one rather than the other

I had an appointment across the National Mall in another museum so our encounter was short...  still nice to shake hands and meet Henry

yesterday Henry spoke at the Smithsonian... I wonder how that went
having to coach my younger son's soccer team had me not even considering the event
although I was tempted... would have been cool... but could not juggle it all

as a teen SOA was one of my favorite 7 inches... and that was Henry Rollins when he was a tattoo-less teen with the last name of Garfield
but really... Minor Threat was spinning on the turntable more often than SOA

to dynamic individuals whose ripple effect on the world through their contributions to music and culture are subtle yet astounding 

I have blogged on the topic of Ian and Henry on multiple occasions

and no...
I did not show Henry the scar on the back of my head from when he kicked me while I was doing a stage dive at a Black Flag show at Pearce Hall here in DC back in the early '80's