so... I rode a tall bike...

Phil Sano of The Bike Smut Tour passed through DC this weekend past
we had some electronic exchanges
in that
Phil invited me to a party being held in my hometown

yes... the other night I met up with Phil Sano of BIKE SMUT before the DC Bike Party
I missed his film screening the night prior
but I still wanted to make contact
we caught up like old friends

I asked Phil if I could snap a shot of him on his tall bike
Phil politely declined saying that people always take photos of him riding his tall bike
without hesitation I altered the direction of the conversation

"can I try your tall bike?
of course... go for it
"any tips? anything I should know?"
yes... it is a bike... you ride it

so... I climbed on and well... it rides like a bike
the only worry is how to get on and off

I must say... riding a tall bike is fun!
in the words of Will Smith... "I gotta get me one of these!"

a glance at the Bike Portland page and you can get a better idea who Phil Sano is and what he is involved in

1 comment:

revphil said...

that was your 1st time? you did great!

ask me again any day, and hope you visit the left coast when im there!